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The core value -- enterprise benefit is higher than all, dedicated, gratitude, integrity. The core value is the common belief of all staff in YiCheng. YiCheng believes that only by adhering to this core value, in order to maintain the correct direction in the future development, can truly become a nation-class enterprise, in order to obtain the sustainable development of enterprises, realize enterprise evergreen.

The management of innovation -- open, cooperative and competitive. The business management is the basic guiding principle of YinCheng management, and it is based on the past successful experience, a systematic cognition of enterprise future survival conditions.

Talent concept -- character as the first cultural identity in selecting and using energy fair competition performance-oriented reward cooperation common development of human resource is the first capital, we always attach importance to the construction of talent team. YiCheng adheres to the "quality first, the cultural identity of" the principle of selecting talents; adheres to the "selecting and using energy, fair competition" principle and appointing talents; adheres to the "performance oriented, rewards and punishments" principle of assessment personnel; adheres to the "unity and cooperation, common development" principle of cultivating talents.

YiCheng Spirit -- guests are the friends, happy service, words with deeds, responsible and pragmatic innovation. YiCheng regards customers as  friends, to serve the customers as the greatest pleasure, initiative, careful, rigorous, thoughtful services to enable customers to feel happy. YiCheng must stand on solid ground, attention to detail, continuous learning, and more improvement.

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